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CCD Wheel alignment U-888

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CCD Wheel alignment U-888


Technical features: 
Power supply: 110/220V 
Location Theory: Thurst Line 
Means of Communication: Bluetooth communication 
Measurement: CCD digital image measurement 
Signal Processing: DSP 
Language: 19 different country's language. 
Database: Vehicle database from international authoritative Auto Data Co.,of U.K.(lisensed),covering over 20,000 car models worldwide. 
Windows system: Windows Xp or Windows 7 operation system on LED.

Technical parameters

Total Toe±40°±0.02°
Single Toe±20°±0.02°
Kingpin Inclination±20°±0.04°
Thrust Angle±10°±0.01°
Inclusive Angle±40°±0.05°
Tread Width2.2m±1mm

1.Four-point manual/automatic ROC optional features 
2.14°, 20°measuring range of kingpin optional features 
3.With A4, A6, A8 and B5 toe curve special measurement and adjustment software 
4.Operation with Chinese timely reminder 
5.With the new data increasing menu 
6.New wave filtering technology to enhance the stability of device 
7.With data memory function, supporting to measure and adjust the camber in the vacant state 
8.CCD permits measuring at a large range and automatically measures Kingpin parameters 
9.The host computer and measuring head, with dual electronic level settings, can monitor the level of measurement state of measuring head all the times, and ensure accurate measurement data reliability 
10.With measurement function of tread difference, wheelbase difference and declination axis 
11.Supporting the function of swapping measurement head and calibration-free 
12.With measurement function of unit rod and dual rod 
13.With customer file database, can renew and access to the customer information, It' s useful for users to manage customers' resource. 
14.Improved circuit design, using environmentally friendly batteries, can be used continuously for 5-8 hours 
15.The head and computer, with dual operating system, can realize that synchronization purpose of “up"and “down" is up to you completely

Standard Configuration

1 set of compact wheeled cabinet with 1 alumnium beam and 1 colum.
1 Communication Box
4 universal self-centering 4 point wheel clamp with range 12"-22"
4 CCD Sensor
1 set of brake fixer
1set of steering wheel lock
1 set of elaborately designed mechanical turntable
1 set of PC (software inside)
1 set of 18.5" LCD monitor
1 set of color inkprinter
1 Keyboard
1 mouse

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