Scissor lift U-TD40E

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Scissor lift U-TD40E

Technical data: 
Model: U-TD40E
Structure: clear floor two post lift
Lift height(mm):1800
Rise time(s): 54
Drop time(s): 24
Power of motor (kw): 2.2
Power supply(v): 380/220
Machine height(mm): 3601
Machine width(mm): 3200

1. 5mm "international standard" column steel plates made in Shanghai.
2. 8mm brace arm and6mm Internal sliding column, never deform.
3. Wearable, Anti-High temperature, high strength oiliness macromolecule nylon slide block.
4. Require no less than 150mm cement on the ground, At least C25.
5. Double safe Antiskid device, from Column ladder safe to close protection by dynamic hydraulic pressure, 
Ensure double safe stay for vehicle.
6. Endure Max 5 T destructive testing, fulfill 4T actual working conditions. 
7. Chain and single point release device, make the security parameter up to 5 times.
8.Total Mold tooling technology, to ensure the conformity of both many a holes and welding places.
9. Digital control raw materials processing center ensure the discrepancies at % stage & product consistency.
10. Double cylinder dynamic hoist drive device, capacity is more than 4T.
11. Aluminum pump device, running time without any break down for at least 40,000 H.
12. Mechanical control hydraulic pressure configuration. Simple, endurable and reliable.
The product passed CE certificate.

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