Scissor lift U-FS55

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Scissor lift U-FS55

Four-post our-wheel alignment lift

This model, which is of a unique design, is an ideal lift specifically for the repair maintenance, tyre-changing, and four-wheel aligning maintenance of various of high-grade cars, middle&small trucks and buses, etc. The advantage is easy operation, smooth&reliable working process, high lifting insurance quotiety and durability.

Technical data:
Motor power: 2.2kw 
Power supply: 380/220V 
Noise level: ≤70db 
Air supply: 6-8kg/cm2
Operating ambient temperature : 5-40℃
Operating ambient humidity : 30-95% 
Storage temperature : -25℃ - 55℃ 
Installation height: elevation≤1000M

1.Imported electric components. 
2.Level can be well adjusted to meet the need for wheel alignment. 
3.The position of the front wheel turning table (optional part) is adjustable and lengthened sliding plate suitable for various type of automobile. 
4.Device performs stable and reliable work with anti-breaking rope safety insurance. 
5.With second lifting guide rail and can optional add the lifting trolley.

Drawing & sizes :

U-FS55 size drawing

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